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I would like to add Copy functionality to a WPF DataGrid.

  1. The Copy option should appear in a right-click menu
  2. It should copy the display text for the selected cell. (I am using read-only text columns.)
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Here is exactly what you want.

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Wow, that's an amazingly good site. –  Jonathan Allen Sep 30 '10 at 19:02
You don't need to set the Header nor the CommandTarget in the MenuItem in order to work. The Header uses the command name taking the locale into account and the CommandTarget is thisby default. –  David Oliván Ubieto Feb 11 at 12:06

In the DataGrid's ContextMenu, you can create a MenuItem and set the MenuItem.Command value to Copy. It's a Command available through the standard ApplicationCommands list, so there won't be any additional code required to have it functional:

            <MenuItem Command="Copy" />
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