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So I'm trying to add a certain number of days to a date, and I'm getting a strange issue:

var date = new Date();

var newdate = date.getDate() + $('#ddlDays option:selected').val();


So if today is 09/29/2010, the Date is 29. But if a user selects "5" from ddlDays, it will assume I am adding strings together, adding 295 days to my date.

I was under the impression that javascript would assume they were integers? Does getDate() return a string instead of an integer?

How can I fix this?

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debugging 101: var newdate = date.getDate() + $('#ddlDays option:selected').val(); alert(newdate);alert(typeof date.getDate());alert(typeof $('#ddlDays option:selected').val()); – epascarello Sep 30 '10 at 1:21
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If you just want to add the selected value to the day of the month (i.e. 29 + 5), then you need to parse the string value into an int:

var newdate = date.getDate() + parseInt( $('#ddlDays option:selected').val(), 10);

But if you actually want a new date, rather than an int, as your result, you can do something like this:

date.setDate( date.getDate() + parseInt( $('#ddlDays option:selected').val(), 10);
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Thanks. I always thought that when adding a number (getDate) and a string (val), JS would convert the string to a number and then add them, but I guess it's the other way around? – Steven Sep 29 '10 at 21:19

It is .val() that is returning a String. You can use .parseInt() to convert to a Number.

var newdate = date.getDate() + 
                      (parseInt($('#ddlDays option:selected').val(), 10) || 0);


var newdate = date.getDate() + ~~$('#ddlDays option:selected').val();
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No, the getDate() call doesn't return a string, but the val() call does.

You'll need to parse the string to an integer instead:

var newdate = date.getDate() + parseInt($('#ddlDays option:selected').val(), 10);
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Surround your string value with parseInt. JavaScript will concatenate strings to numbers (see for a thorough run through.)

This should do the trick:

var newdate = date.getDate() + parseInt($('#ddlDays option:selected').val());


var newdate = date.getDate() + parseInt($('#ddlDays option:selected').val(), 10);
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adding days and converting it to a specific format are talked about in this question

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