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I'm learning the boost preprocessor library (because i need to use it), and I wanted to try the file iteration mechanism. I've set up a minimal project with a.cpp and b.hpp. What I'm trying to do is including many time b.hpp via the boost pp :

#include <boost/preprocessor/iteration/iterate.hpp>

#define BOOST_PP_FILENAME_1 "b.hpp"

When I try to compile (with -E to see the preprocessor result) :

g++ -E a.cpp > pp_result

I got this error :

In file included from a.cpp: /usr/local/include/boost/preprocessor/iteration/detail/iter/forward1.hpp:47:37: error: b.hpp: No such file or directory

b.hpp is in the same directory, I can't see what I'm dooing wrong. It seems the g++ searches b.hpp in the same directory as forward1.hpp, but following the boost documentation my code should work (my boost version is 1.44).

Does anybody experienced the same problem ?

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Does a simple #include "b.hpp" work? –  James McNellis Sep 29 '10 at 22:30
Yes it does. I found a workaroud, using -L./ in the g++ command, but this is still strange since the file is included with "" and not < >. –  neodelphi Sep 30 '10 at 6:09

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Yep, you need to add -I. to the command line in order to make it work. This adds the directory you started gcc in to the include search path, allowing the compiler to find the file b.hpp.

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