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I have a file system based Jackrabbit repository which I would like to view and edit directly. Is there an existing tool that allows me to view/edit/delete/add nodes directly?

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For whats it worth it took me a day to write a swing app that could view/edit/delete nodes and I'm not even a swing developer! – TedTrippin Jul 18 '12 at 13:44
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Jackrabbit itself currently has no built-in general-purpose JCR explorer, but there are some open source options available. This article gives a good overview, and the JCRLinks page on the Jackrabbit wiki has a section about such tools.

The best web-based one is probably the JCR Explorer. And for use in Eclipse, Day's Eclipse plugin offers most features (it also supports Jackrabbit).

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Thanks, Alexander. That's really helpful! – Chinnery Feb 10 '09 at 17:48

If it's behind a WebDAV server, mount it as a file system.

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Ah, i wish it were behind a webdav server, but in this case it's not. I'm hoping there's a direct tool to examine the contents of the repository. – Chinnery Dec 20 '08 at 0:15

SPT JCR Manager:

A simple web application used to view and manage Java Content Repositories

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