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How can I force the following HTML code:


.. to use vertical space? if the span has a character, or a space, the vertical space is occupied.

Any way to do it with CSS?

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Set a height on the span or p? not quite sure what ur asking – Ascherer Sep 29 '10 at 22:37

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You could do:

p span { display: block; height: 1em; }

However, you should put a class on that span, so it doesn't affect everything else.

EDIT: inline-block would probably be better.

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You can set min-height on the paragraph:

p { min-height:1.3em; }

However, IE6 does not support the min-height property... I don't have older versions of IE here, so I cannot test this but in modern browsers min-height works just fine. The value 1.3em represents the height of one line of text.

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