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I am having problems with Ruby Telnet API. More specifically, the login command. My code is as follows:

  options["Name"] ||= 'anonymous'
  options["Password"] ||= '******'

  @connection.login( options, &block )

And the output...


Connected to

login: a

...and then I get a TimeoutError. Am I just not waiting long enough?? I set the timeout to 3 seconds. I would think this would be plenty of time to send a string, but maybe I am wrong?? Why would it take so long?

Thanks so much,



I tried writing to kernel, to find out what's going on and I'm getting this:


--> trying to login!!

---> String is...anonymous

----> printing string anonymous

--> writing .... anonymous

---> waitfor (?-mix:[Pp]ass(?:word|phrase)[: ]*\z)


The arrows show what I printed to Kernel...I don't know if this helps, figured I'd include it. I also tried setting the timeout to 25 seconds...no good. Thanks!

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Have you tried connecting manually using telnet? If so what prompts do you get for username and password? –  Steve Weet Sep 30 '10 at 10:09
everything works fine: "login: anonymous \n password: ****** \n >" –  J. Walker Sep 30 '10 at 19:36

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