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I can create a new zone, add and delete records for that zone, all relatively easily using WMI and System.Management, but for the life of me can't figure out how to delete a zone. It doesn't appear to be a method in the WMI Documentation:


Any thoughts on how to do this? Trying to keep the DNS server clean when we remove old website customers, but I can only get as good as deleting all the records in a zone.

EDIT: This is on a windows server 2008 R2 machine. And I would be ok with an answer of "don't use WMI" if there is an alternate solution I can execute from a remote machine and code in c#

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You can delete zones in the same manner you would a record.

internal static bool DeleteZoneFromDns(string ZoneName)
            string Query = "SELECT * FROM MicrosoftDNS_Zone WHERE ContainerName = '" + ZoneName + "'";
            ObjectQuery qry = new ObjectQuery(Query);
            DnsProvider dns = new DnsProvider();
            ManagementObjectSearcher s = new ManagementObjectSearcher(dns.Session, qry);
            ManagementObjectCollection col = s.Get();

            foreach (ManagementObject obj in col)
            return true;
        catch (Exception)
            return false;
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You are a rockstar! I am not sure what the DnsProvider class is, but I was able to replace that with the ManagementScope object I was currently using in my other DNS management methods. Anyway... worked first try! Thanks a million –  Chris Curtis Oct 14 '10 at 21:09
You're welcome! Sorry for not clarifying the DnsProvider class, its a class that I wrote to assist in DNS management. I knew you'd figure it out from what I gave you. –  mcass20 Oct 15 '10 at 12:37

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