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I am getting the symlink error when i do an ant build. Searched in net and some posts suggested to download junit jar for fixing it. Downloaded junit-4.8.2.jar. Added this jar file to Classpath but still's not working. I tried to include the jar file within the build.xml but still it didn't work out.

<target name="-createDir" description="Creates logs directory">
    <mkdir dir="${basedir}/${custServer}/logs" />
    <symlink link="${basedir}/${custS}/application.properties" resource="${basedir}/application.properties" />
    <symlink link="${basedir}/${custS}/log4j.properties" resource="${basedir}/log4j.properties" />


BUILD FAILED file:/home/test1/source/teff/build.xml:28: Could not create task or type of type: symlink.

Ant could not find the task or a class this task relies upon.

ant -v Apache Ant version 1.5.4 compiled on January 8 2005 Buildfile: build.xml

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It looks like the symlink task was introduced in ant version 1.6.0.

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Thanks a lot for the info –  Arav Sep 30 '10 at 3:40

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