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HI, I am using afterSaveCell that fires if we modifies the cell then it get fires.

My scenario is that i m doing batch update to the database on save change button. But when user edit the cell and got to the other cell then i log the modification in a array.

But if user edit the cell and click on the Save Change button the cell focus not get lost (Still in edit mode) and afterSaveCell not get fired.

IS there any way to fire the Save the cell on buttojn click so that afterSaveCell get fires.

Please, Help.. Thanks..

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You can call saveCell method. This method has iRow and iCol as a parameters. To know the this parameters for the current editable cell you can add afterEditCell to the grid. So you save last values of iRow and iCol in a variable outside of jqGrid and use there inside of on click event on "Save Change" button where you call saveCell with these parameters.

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Thanks its working very fine... –  Shivi Sep 30 '10 at 12:58
@Sandy: Sorry that I have to write about that, but on the stackoverflow.com will be also calculated so named total score of the answers. You and many other new users use only "accept answer" and no "vote up". As the result the answer not change total score of the answers. For example from the last 71 answers with the tag jqgrid I receive only 43 of the total score. Compare the statistic total score/number of answers on stackoverflow.com/tags/jquery/stats with stackoverflow.com/tags/java/stats. So please start to use also "vote up" if some answer was helpful for you. –  Oleg Sep 30 '10 at 13:41
Ok..i will keep in Mind..Thanks –  Shivi Sep 30 '10 at 14:52

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