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In action I taken some data from db. Now in view I want to take value from one field which is referenced from other table with lazyload, by I get this error: Could not initialize proxy - no Session

I wonder what I can do now.

public ActionResult Index()
            using (NHUnitOfWork.Start())
                var news = articlesRepository.News(0, 20);
                return View(news);

<%= Html.ActionLink(Html.Encode(Model.Author.Login), "zyx", "xyz") %>

 public ArticleMap()
            References(x => x.Author).Not.Nullable().LazyLoad().Column("Author").Cascade.SaveUpdate();

    public class Article : EntityBase<int>
        public virtual User Author { get; set; }
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You can only access the database when the session is open. You can do three things:

  1. Keep the session open until the webrequest is finished
  2. Eager load the author
  3. Load the author in the controller instead of in the view.
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