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I have developed an Facebook canvas page and i want to use that application as a tag on a fan page owned by me. That can be done easily.

My doubt is that how do i make it sure that only i am able to add my application as a tab and not anyone else. I mean the method by which i would add the application as a tab on my profile page anyone can do it.But i only want that page to be visible on my Facebook fan page.

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A bit late for you, but may be for others, I found out how to add my app to a new tab:

  1. You need to create a profile for the page admin! If you didn't, on the top right of Facebook page you should have a link 'Create Your Profile'. It doesn't make sense to me but ...
  2. Go to this link (thanks ifaour):
  3. Got to your and add the app to your page

For the private thing, you can check the page id:

$signed_request = $_REQUEST['signed_request'];
$secret = 'YOUR_SECRET_KEY';
$getdata = parse_signed_request($signed_request, $secret);
$fanpage_id = $getdata['user_id'];
if($fanpage_id != YOUR_PAGE_ID) exit('Sorry guys, that's just for me ...');
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