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The following code works correctly under Windows XP:

CImage image;

RECT destRect;

int nResource = 10;

CResourceStream stream(0, MAKEINTRESOURCE(nResource), _T("JPEG"));

HRESULT hr = image.Load(&stream);

image.Draw(hDC, destRect);

But on Windows 7 image.Load returns E_FAIL though creating CResourceStream reads JPEG file from resources correctly.

Debugging gives the following result:

GdipCreateBitmapFromStream returns InvalidParameter.

What the problem can be?

JPEG is a custom category in resource file.

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I believe you should use "JPG" not "JPEG".

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JPEG is the name of custom category in resources, it can't influence creating of bitmap from stream. But anyway I tried your suggestion - it didn't help. –  demonplus Sep 30 '10 at 18:39
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At the end I used this solution from codeproject:


It is a thin wrapper for GDI+ which is able to load JPEG files (and others) under Windows 7 perfectly.

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