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I am intending to use the n-gram code from this article. The algorithm produces these tri-gram results:

t, th, the, he, e, q, qu, qui, uic, ick, ck, k, r, re, red, ed, d

for the text the quick red

However wikipedia, reckons it should be:

the  qui  k_r
he_  uic  _re
e_q  ick  red
_qu  ck_

(space indicated by ‘_’).

What is correct? Are there any other C# implementation out there?

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The second example is correct.

ps. Why do you generate trigrams for the complete text and not only for words? What is your use case?

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I believe this is useful for 'words' which actually consist of two strings (i.e. are separated by a space). This would be lost if a apply a word breaker first. – csetzkorn Sep 30 '10 at 12:37
The second output is correct. – Skarab Sep 30 '10 at 17:02

The first is correct. I uses character N-gram on my thesis. You must move forward and pass one character for each step. In this condition, similar words can be found.

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