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I have an ExpandableListActivity with a CursorTreeAdapter and CheckedTextView displayed. It's working fine on click (I have to toggle the CheckedTextView by hand but that's because this is an ExpandableListView) but when the adapter call requery on the cursor, items that are checked are not the right one (as equal as before).

Do you have any clue on what the problem is ?

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Btw, with a CheckBox and listeners, it doesn't work either. Seems like ExpandableListView is keeping the state of checkboxes by position without keeping group position too – fedj Sep 30 '10 at 15:06

This is likely Android's list recycling at play. Here's a SO question with similar problem: Android: Handle ListView Recycle. In your case, your adapter handles updating of TextView labels, so these look correct, but it isn't concerned about checkbox state. I had similar issue and got around it by supplying my own adapter, based on SimpleExpandableListAdapter, but with overriden getChildView method, which takes care both of textview content and checkbox state.

In situations like this I find it enlightening to peek into corresponding Android source files, to find out what's really going on. In this case, the interesting files were and (the one I based my adapter on, in your case that'd be

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check out my answer to keep the state of the checked items. . Visit Android ExpandableListView with Checkbox, Controlling checked state

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