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I'm following this tutorial on Flash Pro CS4:

I have a button. I pressed CTRL + E in this button, I clicked the 'hit' frame on the 'Text' layer and I created a new frame going in 'Insert > Timeline > frame' as said in the turorial. Like ins the image below.alt text

But after I create a new Frame(F5), as said in the tutorial, the button disappears, like the image below. alt text

So, what I'm doing wrong?
( Btw, is this kind of question allowed in SO? This is not exactly a source code question, but in the FAQ it's written that 'software tools commonly used by programmers' questions are also allowed. I don't know if Flash Professional would be a tool commonly used by programmers but I thought wouldn't hurt asking.

Thanks in advance.

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You need to extend State layer as well. Just like what you did on the Text layer.

To do that, click on the State layer, go to Hit, and simply press F5. That's the quickest way to do it.

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Thank you very much. – StudioWorks Oct 1 '10 at 12:12

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