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Dear Concerned, My base sdk is 4.2 deployment sdk is 3.1.2 I had done the following steps - Build the .app bundle for distribution for "Device" and "Distribution" in the drop down menu of the main XCode screen. - In the "Project Settings" the base SDK is 4.2 and your deployment target SDK to 3.1.2 both settings are found in that "Build" menu. - Settings are made for the "ALL" configuration

But when i tried to upload the app through the application loader it fires the above error Please guide me.... As I'm really stuck with it Thanks & Regards, Zahur

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Apple is currently not accepting applications made/compiled with the iOS 4.2 SDK, which is still a beta at this moment. You'll have to install the 4.1 SDK and compile your app against it and resubmit it. You're base SDK will be 4.1 and deployment SDK 3.1.2.

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You can't release applications built with BETA SDKs i'm afraid - grab 4.1 from developer.apple.com, rebuild and resubmit and you'll be fine.

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You have to change your deployment target to 3.1 or higher. They are no longer accepting 3.0 applications as a ultra majority of the iPhone users have upgraded the iOS to 3.1. I had the same problem.

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