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I must be missing some setting or something, but when I use the back button the datepicker jumps to 1899 from the current year.

Has anyone else seen this and fixed it?

(You can see the different combos I've commented out.)

    defaultDate: 'c-1m',
    dateFormat: 'yymmdd',
    //changeMonth: true,
    changeYear: true,
    showAnim: 'fadeIn',
    duration: 200,
    //gotoCurrent: true, 
    showOtherMonths: true,
    selectOtherMonths: true,
    currentText: 'Now',
    shortYearCutoff: '+20',
    //showWeek: true,
    //firstDay: 1,
    numberOfMonths: 1,
    showButtonPanel: true,
    yearRange: 'c-200:c',
    onSelect: function(selectedDate,inst) {
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I copied all of that exactly and can't reproduce. –  RememberME Sep 30 '10 at 13:44

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I had this issue when I had multiple text inputs with the same ID, which is easy to do with MVC frameworks when you have multiple editors on page for same model class. I resolved it by explicitly specifying Id and leaving Name as is, so that model resolving works on postback.

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This was the cause for me. –  ErwinM May 8 at 14:32

This was caused by having multiple input fields with the same id, in my current project.

I was generating multiple forms at the front end, with the same creation method in my framework.

To avoid having to write explicit changes at the form creation level, I did the following:

//An initialisation method for datepickers
var init_datepickers = function() {
  /* Datepickers */
    dateFormat: "dd/mm/yy" //(I'm in NZ)
//Define counter ("datepicker index" aka dpi)
var dpi = 0;
//Loop datepickers
$.each($('input.datepicker'), function() {
  if(dpi > 0)
    $(this).attr("id", $(this).attr("id") + "_" + dpi); //Append the current count to the ID
  //Check for last datepicker, and call init
  if(dpi == $('input.datepicker').length)

This ads a number to all datepickers, other than the first one that appears on the page.

Note: This example doesn't really call for the use of ID's as selectors for scripts or styling. This will change the ID's of the inputs, and therefor, will break any styling / selection that you may have.

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I have created a demo with your code in jsfiddle and I can't reproduce your problem. Can you check it at http://jsfiddle.net/w78xX/.

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You are correct - it works fine there. It must be something deeper in the code that launches the dialog that contains the datepicker. I've seen some other people complain about this, but I can't find an answer or any hints about what could be causing this issue. –  prl Sep 30 '10 at 13:55
Patrick-api, can you post your entire code? Maybe I can help you. –  Rubens Mariuzzo Sep 30 '10 at 14:08

I experienced this issue when calling


before re-initializing the datepicker.

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Yes, I too experienced this when 'destroy' method is called before initializing datepicker. Date selection worked fine after removing the 'destroy' method before initializing. –  Dinu Aug 10 '12 at 5:57

I have same issue. I'm populating datepicker fields with ajax and showing them on PrettyPhoto as popup.

Here is my code.

$( "body" ).on( "focus", ".tarih", function() {
    var i = 0;
    $('.tarih').each(function () {
        //$(this).attr("id",'date' + i).datepicker('destroy');
        $(this).attr("id",'date' + i).datepicker({
            dateFormat: "yy-mm-dd",
            firstDay: 1,
            minDate: new Date(2000, 1 - 1, 1)
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