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I am trying to get the Jquery UI autocomplete working on AJAX loaded dynamic fields in div #right

I do not fully understand the code below.

$("#right").delegate(".drugName", "focus", function(){

 //attach autocomplete

 //define callback to format results
 source: function(req, add){

  //pass request to server
  $.getJSON("druglist.php?callback=?", req, function(data) {

   //create array for response objects
   var suggestions = [];

   //process response
   $.each(data, function(i, val){        

   //pass array to callback



But it works in Chrome/FF. However it seems to be killing AJAX loading in Internet Explorer causing the application to be non - functional

The error returned is

   SCRIPT1028: Expected identifier, string or number  ajaxfunctions.js, line 41 character 6

The error in the console refers to the brackets on the second last row.

I tried to work this out using the documentation, but couldnt get it to work :-(

Whats happening with the code & IE?

Pls help.

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//pass array to callback
}, //OK the comma here was the problem


Got it working. this helped

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This helped a lot :) ... Thanks –  Arindam Paul Dec 13 '11 at 20:51
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