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In my iOS Provisioning Portal Current Development Certificates section, the certificate expiry date is Sep 30, 2010. Today is Sep 30, 2010. Should I wait for the certificate to expire and renew? Or should I revoke the existing one and create a new one certificate?

Currently, the Ad Hoc Provisioning Profile has expired. No matter how many times I click the Renew button next to it, the status will become Expired. The means the app in all my beta testers' machines stops running and I cannot send a new version to them before a good Certificate is issued.


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have you contacted the developer support about the renew problem? the answer needs some time but if you use your support incidents, you get feedback within 48 hours –  favo Oct 3 '10 at 8:36
My certificates expired, and I resubmitted my CertificateSigningRequest to get a new set of certificates. Once the new certificates are created, I can renew my provision profiles. –  ohho Oct 4 '10 at 2:43

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You can renew certificates before they expire, and this is typically a good idea. There's really nothing to be gained by letting them go, except (a) if you're not actively using them, you save a few steps and (b) a few days before expiration, next year.

However, for normal use, you just renew them a week or two before they expire.

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And how do you renew? Do you start with revoking the current developer certificate, and then create a new one? If I do that today, will the new developer certificate end 12/12-2013 or 10/12-2013? My current developer certificate ends 12/12, and my AdHoc distribution certificate moans about that... –  Fredrik Johansson Dec 9 '12 at 15:37

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