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Simple question, how can I see what collation a table has? I.E. I want to see:

|  table  |     collation     |
| t_name  |  latin_general_ci |

Thanks for your help.

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SHOW TABLE STATUS shows information about a table, including the collation.

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The above answer is great, but it doesn't actually provide an example that saves the user from having to look up the syntax:

show table status like 'test';

Where test is the table name.

(Corrected as per comments below.)

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ERROR 1049 (42000): Unknown database test –  Benubird Feb 20 at 9:52
Use the actual table name instead of test. –  Moustafa Elqabbany Feb 20 at 13:48
No, because test in this case is the database name, not the table name. The correct query is like 'test', not from test –  Benubird Feb 20 at 14:11
Yes, I stand corrected. Thank you. :) –  Moustafa Elqabbany Feb 20 at 15:28

Use this query:


You will get all information related to table.

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