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I have 3 radio buttons on my page. They are loaded by calling a jQuery function which returns the html ex:

<script type="text/javascript"><!-- 

which call this function:

function onSelectChange(parm){

        $.post("func.php", {function_name : "song"},
                }, "json");

html returned looks like this:

<INPUT TYPE="radio" NAME="songs" VALUE="A">A
<INPUT TYPE="radio" NAME="songs" VALUE="B">B
<INPUT TYPE="radio" NAME="songs" VALUE="C">C
<INPUT TYPE="radio" NAME="songs" VALUE="D">D

Now I want to know when 1 one of these radio buttons is clicked so I have the following function:

 $("input[name='songs']").change( function() {

It never fires though - I think it has something to do with dynamically adding the controls because when I try the above on a static html page it fires as expected. Any ideas?

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Use .live() when adding controls dynamically, like this:

$("input[name='songs']").live("change", function() {

This works differently, rather than finding elements and binding a change handler to them, it binds a handler on document which listens for the change event to bubble up...and this happens the same way, no matter when the element was added.

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$("input[name=songs]").change( function() {

no apostrophe after name=

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You can enclose the name in quotes or not, both are valid...if there are any special characters it's required to use quotes. –  Nick Craver Sep 30 '10 at 15:50
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