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WCF will match this:


to this:

[WebGet( UriTemplate = "test/{first}/{second}/{val1},{val2}" )]
string GetVal( string first, string second, string val1, string val2 );

Is there a way to make the va11, val2 be a variable length list of parameters? So it could be val1, ...., valN? And end up with a service method such as:

string GetVal( string first, string second, List<string> params );

Or something along those lines?

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Just GET a simple string and then convert it to an Array (or a list) in the method, using the split method.

Your Interface should look something like this:

[WebGet(UriTemplate = "test/{first}/{second}/{val1}")]
string GetVal(string first, string second, string val1);

Your implementation:

public string GetVal(string first, string second, string paramArray)
        string[] parameters = paramArray.Split(',');

        foreach (string parameter in parameters)

        return "Hello";

And call it like this in your browser:


Take a look at the MSDN forum for a detailed answer

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Basically I've found the answer to my question is "No, you can't do that directly." But yes, your method will work. I'll give it a check anyways. – MonkeyWrench Jan 14 '11 at 16:43

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