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I want to change Menu's Text color, but not MenuItem.

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You should be able if its Visual c# you should be able to right click the widget and adjust the foreground property. Foreground usually sets the text color in Visual .net widgets like Labels, buttons, textboxes, so I think it'll probably be there for menus.

In Xaml:

    <Menu Foreground="Red">
        <MenuItem Header="_File"></MenuItem>

Didn't see the menu item but not menu... The File will be blue Edit will be red.. You datatemplate to set your style depending on the menu item

  <Menu Foreground="Red">
        <MenuItem Foreground="Blue" Header="_File"></MenuItem>
        <MenuItem Header="_Edit"></MenuItem>
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In windows form application, in code behide of the form, in the constructor just after InitializeComponent(), set color property of the menu, like this:

 MyMenu.ForeColor = Color.White;
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