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I'm trying to implement a very simple footer notification element to slide up for a moment, then slide back down. I'm using:

$('button').click( function () {

However, when you click the button, it delays for the 1500 ms then slides up and never slides down.

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What you actually want is this:


You can test it here. Though it seems a bit backwards given your layout, .slideDown() is for showing an element, and .slideUp() is for hiding an element...even though given your CSS it's actually going up when shown.

Also as an aside, you don't need <html> and <body> tags when editing the fiddle, these are already included...any content in the html frame will go inside the <body>.

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Doh, completely failed to notice that quirk, silly :) Thanks Nick! – Ryan Sep 30 '10 at 17:29

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