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Hi everybody im trying to add new items to master detail records and i get the error:

The INSERT statement conflicted with the FOREIGN KEY constraint "invOrden_InvOrdenDet_FK1". The conflict occurred in database "InventarioSIAIplus", table "dbo.InvOrden", column 'IDorden'. The statement has been terminated.

This error Happens when i add a new item to the detail.

Thanks for any help. CODE I'M USING FOR ADDING AND UPDATING THE THE DATA: InventarioSIAIplusEntities SIAplusContext = (InventarioSIAIplusEntities)(Session["context"]); InvOrden orden;

        if (txtIDorden.Text.Trim() == "")
             orden = new InvOrden();
             orden.IDcentro = Convert.ToInt32(ddlCentros.SelectedValue);
             orden.estado = ddlEstadoOrden.SelectedValue;
             orden.fecha = DateTime.Now;
             orden.comentario = txtComentarioOrden.Text;
             orden.usuarioCrea = "Jeanc";                
             int idorden = Convert.ToInt32(txtIDorden.Text.Trim());
             orden = SIAplusContext.InvOrdenes.Where(c => c.IDorden == idorden).First();
             orden.estado = ddlEstadoOrden.SelectedValue;
             orden.fecha = DateTime.Now;
             orden.comentario = txtComentarioOrden.Text;
             orden.usuarioCrea = "Jeanc";


        foreach (var item in DetalleMedicamentosOrden)
            if (item.InvOrdenReference.Value == null)
                item.InvOrden = orden;




InventarioSIAIplusEntities SIAplusContext = (InventarioSIAIplusEntities)(Session["context"]); List meds = DetalleMedicamentosOrden;

         //Datos Detalle
        InvOrdenDet ordenDetalle = new InvOrdenDet();            
        ordenDetalle.cantidadSol = uscAgregarMedicamentos1.Cantidad;
        ordenDetalle.cantidadApr = uscAgregarMedicamentos1.CantidadAprobada;

        ordenDetalle.comentario = uscAgregarMedicamentos1.Comentario;

        //Agrego el detalle a la lista de detalles que se va guardando en la memoria.

        //Paso la lista con el nuevo objecto actualizada.
        DetalleMedicamentosOrden = meds;

        //Consulto la lista con para hacer una proyeccion del query y trae el nombre del medicamento
        var medInfo = from a in DetalleMedicamentosOrden                          
                     select new { a,  a.cantidadSol, a.cantidadApr };

        //Cargo la data en el gridview.
        gvMedicamentosOrden.DataSource = medInfo;

        //Mando a mostrar 
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The error basically means that you are trying to add a row to the detail table without providing a legit FK from the master table.
I am guessing this happens when your if code block (txtIDorden.Text.Trim() == "") is executing which means you are dealing with a brand new orden object that does not have any EntityKey before saving. I can see that you are trying to explicitly set the detail object to the master through InvOrdenReference which does not make sense in your scenario. What I suggest is that set it through navigation property and let EF fix it up for you at runtime. So your foreach should be something like this:

foreach (var item in DetalleMedicamentosOrden) {
    if (item.InvOrdenReference.Value == null) {
        item.InvOrden = orden;                  
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Hey Thanks for you answer and it makes sense but when i put the code the way you said i'm still having an error when i try to add and item to the details. The error "An object with the same key already exists in the ObjectStateManager." but the object is a new one. Thanks for your help. – Jean Jimenez Oct 1 '10 at 13:05
No problem. Which EF version are you using? Also can you please post the code inside ordenRepository.Add() and efUnitOfWork.Save() methods? – Morteza Manavi Oct 1 '10 at 14:27
Hi, i'm using entity framework 4 with a template that i download from codeplex that implements the repository pattern. – Jean Jimenez Oct 2 '10 at 15:13
public void Add(InvOrden entity) { Repository.Add(entity); } – Jean Jimenez Oct 2 '10 at 15:33
public EFUnitOfWork() { Context = new InventarioSIAIplusEntities(); } public void Save() { Context.SaveChanges(); } – Jean Jimenez Oct 2 '10 at 15:33

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