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I recently took over the development of a CF site and am having some trouble obtaining the login and password to the Admin for CF. I was hoping another StackOverflower may haave some insight on obtaining access. We have access to the FTP and any other hosting related details. Any helpful insight will be greatly appreciated.

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Open up file which lie's in the \lib

You can see some encrypted string like

password=5BAA61E4C9B93F3F0682250B6CF8331B7EE68FD8 encrypted=true

Change it to clear text with "encrypted=false"

password=L3tM31n encrypted=false

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I believe this also works for 6, 7,m and 9.

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seems still work on coldfusion 11 – ramirio Jan 8 at 13:28

I was going to suggest using the admin API to see if you could reset the password or even make a .car backup of the server settings in the event of a re-install.

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Building on what Ben said Simon Whatley has a great article outlining several different ways to accomplish this: really good stuff.

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