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I want to take URL parameter and pass to ajax function,

    var queryParams = dojo.queryToObject(;
    var data = dojo.toJson(queryParams, true);
    getCategory( data );
function getCategory(input){

    dojo.xhrGet( {
            // The following URL must match that used to test the server.
            url: "http://js.localhost/dojo-release-1.5.0-src/json3.php",
            handleAs: "json",
            content: input,

on my URL parametetr, I pass in


when I view on firebug, the ajax request become ....


but data debug is correct, any idea what's wrong?

{ "return_type": "category", "category_desc": "Business2" }

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just found out that it doesn't need dojo.toJson

var queryParams = dojo.queryToObject(;
getCategory(  queryParams );
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