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i am trying to get a random number of items from an an array of dictionaries that contains 2 items. one item is at index 1 and the other is at index 0. i want to randomly alternate between the two or have the able to be viewed in a random order each item. (i know i have just 2 items ill increase the amount) this is the code im trying to get to randomize with the index 0 and index 1 files.

   - (UIImage *)imageAtIndex:(NSInteger)index
   NSDictionary *dict = [data_ objectAtIndex:0];
   UIImage *image = [dict objectForKey:@"fullsize"];
   return image;
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some question for random function according to it, you can do

int index = arc4random() % 2;

here is a category on NSMuteableArray to shuffle its objetcs

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NSUinteger index = arc4random() %([data_ count] +1);

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