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I have an entity mapping quite similar to this one.

public class MyClassMap : ClassMap<MyClass>
    public MyClassMap()
        Id(x => x.Id);
        Map(x => x.Code);

        Map(x => x.Name);
        Map(x => x.Description);

I'd like to know if there's any possible way to have the Code field (which is not part of the Primary Key) autogenerated by a sequence. There's a GeneratedBy property, but it's only an IdentityPart class member.

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I don't see how using Listeners makes it any easier to use a built-in method for using sequence generators for non-ID columns.

However, if the only solution is to hook into OnPreInsert, making a direct query to the DB & invoke the sequence and get its value, then I suppose I'll have to live with it.

Is this how you solved the issue, Mauro?

Edit: posted the question on the nHibernate & FluentNHibernate google groups:

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You need to use SaveOrUpdateEventListeners. See here to see Jake's reply for how to get it working for Fluent.

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