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I need to find out if parent of USB device is a hub or host. Current plan is to use CM_Get_Parent() to get the DEVINST and use SetupDiGetDeviceInfoListDetail() to get the SP_DEVINFO_LIST_DETAIL_DATA structure, but from there I am looking for information to parse against to will tell me if the parent is a hub.

Any pointers/hints/advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


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This is definitely a programming question, about the win32 setup API. And note to tag editors: it has nothing to do with networking. –  Ben Voigt Oct 1 '10 at 1:08
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Parent is always a hub. Might be a root hub or a peripheral hub, I guess that's what you want to know. Check the grandparent's enumerator property (whether it's on a USB or PCI bus).

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Thanks for the advice, I am finding that I need to make similar calls to what what is done in the USBView sample application from the WDK. So naturally I am running into linking issues as I need to do this from a user mode library/application... error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol _GUID_DEVINTERFACE_USB_HOST_CONTROLLER and adding the libraries used by USBView does not resolve the link error. –  echobravo Oct 9 '10 at 0:40
That looks to me like a header file problem, not a library link problem. This may be relevant: support.microsoft.com/kb/130869 –  Ben Voigt Oct 9 '10 at 1:32
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