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Ideally, I do not want to start an activity to do this. When the WiFi connection is lost, my app needs to close because this is a fatal error for us. I want to display an error message and have the user press an Ok button and then exit the app. What is the best way to go about this?


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have u resolved ? – nida Jan 21 '15 at 5:18
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AFAIK, only activities can display dialogs. If so, and if your BroadcastReceiver is registered by an activity via registerReceiver(), you're set -- just use that activity. If, however, your BroadcastReceiver is registered in the manifest, I think you will have no choice but to do something else.

For example, you could send an ordered broadcast Intent. Your currently-running activity -- if any -- would have a high-priority BroadcastReceiver for that Intent, then can pop a dialog when it receives the broadcast. If, however, none of your activities are on screen, you could have a manifest-registered low-priority BroadcastReceiver pick up the broadcast, if you wanted to display a Notification or something. Here is a blog post that covers a bit more about this pattern.

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I am registering the receiver via registerReceiver() but when I try to display the dialog from onReceive method, it does not show up. What could be the problem? – smitten Oct 1 '10 at 0:14
@smitten: Not sure what Context you are using for the dialog -- make sure it is the Activity. Otherwise, AFAIK, that should work just fine. – CommonsWare Oct 1 '10 at 0:29
Something else was wrong. This works! Thanks. – smitten Oct 1 '10 at 1:17
excellent answer – Kay Jun 4 '15 at 20:43
If using intent from broadcast receiver add : intent.addFlags(Intent.FLAG_ACTIVITY_NEW_TASK); – Kay Jun 4 '15 at 20:54

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