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I'm experimenting with s3 but im running into a permission problem (i think).


 AWS::S3::PermanentRedirect in CkeditorController#create

The bucket you are attempting to access must be addressed using the specified endpoint. Please send all future requests to this endpoint.

I'm using ckeditor. My Ckeditor::Picture class includes this:

  has_attached_file :data,
  :s3_credentials => "#{Rails.root}/config/s3.yml",
  :storage => :s3,
  :path => ":attachment/:id/:style.:extension"

  validates_attachment_size :data, :less_than=>2.megabytes

In the s3.yml, ive got:

access_key_id: "key"
secret_access_key: "key"
bucket: "name"

What am I missing? thx in advance!

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I suppose your bucket is not in US Standard zone. Have you tried to add "AWS_CALLING_FORMAT: SUBDOMAIN" to your .yml file? The request should be pointed then to the endpoint corresponding with the region of your bucket.

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thanks for your answer. My bucket is in Europe yes. I tried to create a us bucket & it worked flawlessly. However, I tried to put ur aws_calling_format i and it still didnt work. Ive updated my s3.yml as you can see in my updated question. It's like this no? – Maurice Kroon Oct 1 '10 at 10:40
I guess you need to replace SUBDOMAIN with appropriate subdomain for ex: for Asia Pacific: AWS_CALLING_FORMAT: s3-website-ap-southeast-1 But it's still not working for me! – hnprashanth Jun 30 '11 at 5:19

With paperclip version 3.1.4, simply adding a s3_host_name key to my s3.yml file worked:

  bucket: ''
  access_key_id: 'xxx'
  secret_access_key: 'xxx'
  s3_host_name: ''
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We can use default endpoint like following code.

s3_credentials: {
     access_key_id: AWS_CONFIG['access_key_id'],
     secret_access_key: AWS_CONFIG['secret_access_key'],
     bucket: AWS_CONFIG['bucket'],
s3_host_name: '',
s3_endpoint: '',
storage: :s3,
s3_headers:     { "Cache-Control" => "max-age=31557600" },
s3_protocol:    "https",
bucket:         AWS_CONFIG['bucket'],
:url =>':s3_domain_url',
:path => '/:class/:attachment/:id_partition/:style/:filename',
default_url:   "/:class/:attachment/:id/:style/:basename.:extension",
default_style: "medium"
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