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In Java, I use LinkedHashMap for this purpose. The documentation of Java's LinkedHashMap is very clear that it has "predictable iteration order" and I need the same in Scala.

Scala has ListMap and LinkedHashMap, but the documentation on what they do exactly is poor.

Question: is Scala's LinkedHashMap or ListMap the implementation to use for this purpose? If not, what other options are available besides using the Java's LinkedHashMap directly?

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From the LinkedHashMap Scaladoc page:

  • "This class implements mutable maps using a hashtable. The iterator and all traversal methods of this class visit elements in the order they were inserted."
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Ah, it seems I can't read the doc properly. Thanks! –  ebruchez Oct 1 '10 at 16:28

The difference between the two is that LinkedHashMap is mutable while ListMap is immutable. Otherwise they both are MapLike and also preserve insertion order.

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