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I made many changes to my machine so not sure if wget is available as a result of my changes or it always exists by default on Windows machines. Does it come with Windows

If not, what download function can I use in a Windows .bat script to download a file from the web. This function has to be available by default

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Wget is not built into windows, however there is a windows version.


As far as I am aware, there is no similar built in dos command for windows.

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Although wget is not built into Windows, BITSAdmin.exe is (in Vista/7/2008) and can download files from the web:


Since BITSAdmin is not as fully featured as wget, I typically use it just to bootstrap installing wget on the machine with the following command:

bitsadmin /transfer myDownloadJob /download /priority high http://users.ugent.be/~bpuype/cgi-bin/fetch.pl?dl=wget/wget.exe %SystemRoot%\System32\wget.exe

Then I can run wget for any additional downloading.

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wget does not come with windows. In the past I've usually downloaded it from here.

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