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We just moved to a new site, and want to redirect old links where necessary - however, some still work. For instance,


still works, while


no longer works. I'd like to be able to allow the site to attempt to serve a page, and when a 404 is reached, THEN try to pass it through a series of regex redirects, that may look like:

location ~* /holidays/(.*)+$ { set $args ""; rewrite ^ /holidays.html?r=1 redirect; }

I'm using a ~* location directive instead of doing a direct rewrite because we're moving from a Windows-based ASPX site to Magento with php-fpm behind nginx, so we suddenly have to worry about case sensitivity.

Without using nested location directives (which are actively discouraged by nginx documentation) with an @handler of some sort, what's the best way to allow nginx to attempt to serve the page first, THEN pass it across redirects if it fails?


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Please don't use links as answers to questions. If the link becomes broken then the answer becomes useless. –  ajtrichards Jan 2 '14 at 18:19

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