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The first time you open up an XML file in a Visual Studio 2008 SP1 instance, it opens up XML schema explorer. I want to disable it. Is this possible?

Background: I'm developing within a VMware environment (yes, I agree, that is the real problem here). XML Schema Explorer uses graphics acceleration, and this messes up the VM (it drops out of full-screen mode, flashes, and sometimes freezes). I could disable the graphics acceleration in the VM, but that would stop me sharing the cursor with the host machine, and I'd rather retain that.

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Microsoft has two separate threads, both answered, at least in part:

How do I turn off XML Schema Explorer?
How can I keep XML Schema Explorer from opening by default?

hopefully one of the two above will solve your issue.

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@Jivlain Thank you for updating the links. Did either of them address your issue? –  Joshua Drake Aug 11 '11 at 14:54
Sorry, I haven't actually had a moment in which to test this - I've left that job and no longer even use Visual Studio at work, and have taken to spending my weekends on an island with no electricity. I'll try to get at that as soon as I can. –  Jivlain Aug 12 '11 at 0:58

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