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I am developing a website using zend framework.

i have a search form with get method. when the user clicks submit button the query string appears in the url after ? mark. but i want it to be zend like url.

is it possible?

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As well as the JS approach you can do a redirect back to the preferred URL you want. I.e. let the form submit via GET, then redirect to the ZF routing style.

This is, however, overkill unless you have a really good reason to want to create neat URLs for your search queries. Generally speaking a search form should send a GET query that can be bookmarked. And there's nothing wrong with ?param=val style parameters in a URL :-)

ZF URLs are a little odd in that they force URL parameters to be part of the main URL. I.e. rather than

This isn't always what you want, but seems to be the way frameworks are going with URL parameters

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+1 While the redirect seems like it should be unnecessary, this seems like the way to go. See my answer with a reusable controller method to get that behavior. – timdev Feb 23 '11 at 23:42

There is no obvious solution. The form generated by zf will be a standard html one. When submitted from the browser using GET it will result in a request like


Only solution to get a "zendlike url" (one with / instead of ? or &), would be to hack the form submission using javascript. For example you can listen for onSubmit, abort the submission and instead redirect browser to a translated url. I personally don't believe this solution is worth the added complexity, but it should perform what you're looking for.

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After raging against this for a day-and-a-half, and doing my best to figure out the right way to do this fairly simple this, I gave up and did the following. I still can't believe there's not a better way.

The use case that necessitates this is a simple record listing, with a form up top for adding some filters (via GET), maybe some column sorting, and Zend_Paginate thrown in for good measure. I ran into issues using the Url view helper in my pagination partial, but I suspect with even just sorting and a filter-form, Zend_View_Helper_Url would still fall down.

But I digress. My solution was to add a method to my base controller class that merges any raw query-string parameters with the existing zend-style slashy-params, and redirects (but only if necessary). The method can be called in any action that doesn't have to handle POSTs.

Hopefully someone will find this useful. Or even better, find a better way:

   * Translate standard URL parameters (?foo=bar&baz=bork) to zend-style 
   * param (foo/bar/baz/bork).  Query-string style
   * values override existing route-params.
  public function mergeQueryString(){
    if ($this->getRequest()->isPost()){
      throw new Exception("mergeQueryString only works on GET requests.");
    $q = $this->getRequest()->getQuery();
    $p = $this->getRequest()->getParams();
    if (empty($q)) {
      //there's nothing to do.
    $action = $p['action'];
    $controller = $p['controller'];
    $module = $p['module'];
    $params = array_merge($p,$q);

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