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I've tried to set InnerText using the following, but I'm not allowed to set the InnerText property:

node.InnerText = node.InnerText.Remove(100) + ".."; 

The reason for this is that I only want to remove text, not actual elements:

    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.
    <img src="" />
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I have just run into the same problem myself. Although the documentation says get or set it clearly is read-only. But inner text applies to EVERYTHING between the tags. So if you have hundred of children ALL of their text including actual tags will be there. I think to do what you and I are wanting we need to use the Text property. Get the actual tag and use the Text property.

So perhaps

HtmlTextNode.Text = "";

Please note that you can only set the text if it is of type HtmlTextNode.

or i think you might get a better result if you just remove the tag and keep the grandchildren.

HtmlNode.Parent.Remove(textTagYouWantRemoved, true);
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