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I need to change the namespace of webservice but I guess the namespaces are urns not urls. So how can I asign a custom namespace for web service so that I can use a custom interface as well. Such as logo fo our company. thanks

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Sorry, this may be wrong answer, and you do not need to match urns or urls with namespaces.

[WebService(Namespace = "yourXmlWebServiceNamespace")]


[WebService(Namespace = yourclass.XmlWebServiceNamespace)]
class yourclass
    public const string XmlWebServiceNamespace = "http://www.abc.com";
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but sometimes, the view of the webservice page is different. how can I do that? –  tugberk Oct 2 '10 at 9:29
do you mean wsdl? –  Hasu Oct 2 '10 at 9:38

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