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Hey guys, is there a function in R to display large numbers separated with commas? from: 1000000 to: 1,000,000

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You can try either format or prettyNum, but both functions return a vector of characters. I'd only use that for printing.

> prettyNum(12345.678,big.mark=",",scientific=F)
[1] "12,345.68"
> format(12345.678,big.mark=",",scientific=F)
[1] "12,345.68"
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See ?format:

> format(1e6, big.mark=",", scientific=FALSE)
[1] "1,000,000" 
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ThankYou! Looked already for "format" that but another manual from DBI package was shown.. –  TekTimmy Oct 1 '10 at 11:51

The other answers posted obviously work - but I have always used

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You should probably include library(scales) here. –  jbaums Aug 7 at 22:13

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