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How to convert List to a dataview in .Net.

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A more object orientated way than the accepted answer would be to use a method similar to answers to this question. Sort a List<T> using query expressions This is assuming that the only reason you'd want a list to be a dataview is for the sorting functionality. –  Amicable Apr 8 '14 at 9:46

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My suggestion would be to convert the list into a DataTable, and then use the table's default view to build your DataView.

First, you must build the data table:

// <T> is the type of data in the list.
// If you have a List<int>, for example, then call this as follows:
// List<int> ListOfInt;
// DataTable ListTable = BuildDataTable<int>(ListOfInt);
public static DataTable BuildDataTable<T>(IList<T> lst)
  //create DataTable Structure
  DataTable tbl = CreateTable<T>();
  Type entType = typeof(T);
  PropertyDescriptorCollection properties = TypeDescriptor.GetProperties(entType);
  //get the list item and add into the list
  foreach (T item in lst)
    DataRow row = tbl.NewRow();
    foreach (PropertyDescriptor prop in properties)
      row[prop.Name] = prop.GetValue(item);
  return tbl;

private static DataTable CreateTable<T>()
  //T –> ClassName
  Type entType = typeof(T);
  //set the datatable name as class name
  DataTable tbl = new DataTable(entType.Name);
  //get the property list
  PropertyDescriptorCollection properties = TypeDescriptor.GetProperties(entType);
  foreach (PropertyDescriptor prop in properties)
    //add property as column
    tbl.Columns.Add(prop.Name, prop.PropertyType);
  return tbl;

Next, get the DataTable's default view:

DataView NewView = MyDataTable.DefaultView;

A complete example would be as follows:

List<int> ListOfInt = new List<int>();
// populate list
DataTable ListAsDataTable = BuildDataTable<int>(ListOfInt);
DataView ListAsDataView = ListAsDataTable.DefaultView;
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A minor correction CreateTable should be static as well. –  user3141326 Jan 15 at 7:17

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