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What are the drawbacks of the String type in abap? When to use it, when not?

An example : I have a text field that should save values ranging from 0 to 12 chars, better to use a string or a Char(12)?


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A string is stored as a dynamic array of characters while a char is statically allocated.

Some of the downsides of strings include:

  • Overhead - because they are dynamic the length must be stored in addition to the actual string.
  • The substring and offset operators don't work with strings.
  • Strings cannot be turned into translatable text elements.

So to answer your question, strings should only be used for fairly long values with a wide range of lengths where the additional overhead is negligible relative to the potential wasted space of a static char(x) variable.

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1. ABAP stores metadata for every variable, not just strings 2. Substring and offset operators do work on up to date NetWeaver installations. -1 for me. –  tomdemuyt May 8 '13 at 23:39
Substring & offset do not work as write positions though –  tomdemuyt May 14 '13 at 19:43

I think CHAR is the best because you are 100% sure that the field has to only hold 0-12 characters.

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This seems the correct answer to me, not sure why you got -1'd. –  tomdemuyt May 8 '13 at 23:40

string is the variable length Data type , while in char you have to define the length .. for type C(Text field (alphanumeric characters)) and String X or hexadecimal string have initial value (X'0 … 0') . to avoid initial value , and to use actual length C type is used

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String Variable : A String is a variable length data type which is used to store any length of data. Variable length fields are used because they save space. String, can store any number of characters. String will allocate the memory at runtime which is also called as dynamic memory allocation, will allocate the memory as per the size of the string. Strings cannot be declared using parameters as the memory of allocation is dynamic.

But in your case, you already know max-length of field(0 - 12 characters), So CHAR type is best for use in your case. A STRING type generally used to variable length data or a long values.

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