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I found this xgoogle python modules http://github.com/pkrumins/xgoogle, very interesting. How exactly should i include or install these files in linux??

if i want to do something like this using xgoogle python module?

>>from xgoogle.search import GoogleSearch 

I know that we can use from, import to use modules, but to include an external module, what should i do? Should i need to install module or what?

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You could either do the usual install dance:

python setup.py install

or simply include the files in a known directory and include that directory in the PYTHONPATH:

$ export PYTHONPATH=/contains/modules:$PYTHONPATH

Here's a detailed documentation on Installing Python Modules: http://docs.python.org/install/

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In the directory of xgoogle, there is no install file, see the contents below abhilash@abhilash:~/python_resources/xgoogle/xgoogle$ ls BeautifulSoup.py browser.py googlesets.py search.py translate.py BeautifulSoup.pyc browser.pyc __init__.py sponsoredlinks.py –  Abhilash Muthuraj Oct 1 '10 at 14:52
what about one directory level above? There should be a setup.py file. –  William Niu Oct 1 '10 at 14:56

You can install it with other python libraries / modules, or just put it in the same repository than your project.

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