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From phpMyAdmin, I was exporting the functions/procedures used by the user assigned to a particular database and 3 functions didnt get exported because they were created by the 'superadmin'.

I was able to see these functions within

localhost > database_name -> Structure -> Routines

BUT, I was not able to modify their structure or export them.

The problem was happening because these 3 functions were created by the superuser. When exporting from the superuser account, everything got exported properly.

My question is: as a process, how can I ensure that this doesn't happen again in the future - that someone accidentally creates it as a superadmin (and the site would continue to work fine), but when we try exporting it, the function doesnt get exported (and the new site would stop working).

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Restricting access to the superuser account would be the first step I would take. By restricting superuser access you guarantee that no one makes that mistake again. Is there a reason someone would need to be in the database working as a superuser?

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it was by accident, but it led to a bit of hair pulling on my end as i couldnt fathom the thought that a function wasnt being exported! Just trying to build in a set of processes that avoid this problem again. –  siliconpi Oct 5 '10 at 9:58
I've seen issues with exporting Views also. They are often exported as a table instead. –  Michael Eakins Oct 5 '10 at 10:03

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