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Does anybody know how I could get several JSon files by executing exiftool just once? I could generate one JSon file from my directory, with all metadata from files inside this folder, but I want to get one for each file. I want also to put all the files generated in a specific folder. I also tried to make a loop inside my folder, and call exiftool once for each file, but this is not right solution, because I have one process for each file.

I have checked the whole exiftool documentation, but wasn't able to find the correct combination of parameters.

Any help?

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This is exactly the purpose of the exiftool -w option:

exiftool -w json ...

This will generate .json files, one for each input file.

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To redirect these separated JSon files, I used this command:

exiftool -a -u -g1 -j -k -r -w OUTDIR/%f.json INPUTDIR

Not -o option, because it is the output directory when writing the image.

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