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I have this criteria propel.

public static function getPrenotazioniAttive($id_utente)

$c = new Criteria();
$c->add(self::USER_ID, 18793 );
$result = self::doSelect($c);


After that i add this:

echo $c->toString();

that shows:

 Criteria: SQL (may not be complete): SELECT FROM `prenotazione` WHERE prenotazione.USER_ID=:p1 Params: prenotazione.USER_ID => 18793

Then i call the method before this way:

    $prenotazioni = PrenotazionePeer::getPrenotazioniAttive($this->getUser());  


that creates/execute the SQL clause below.

 SELECT IFNULL(SUM(prenotazione.VALUTAZIONE),0) AS somma, 
 COUNT(*) AS numero 
 FROM `prenotazione` 
 WHERE prenotazione.USER_ID=18793

that clause (if i go to phpmyadmin) retrives a row from the table.

My problem: var_dump($prenotazioni); just return null, any idea?

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The getPrenotazioniAttive function you posted has no return clause. It should end with return $result; if you want to get the data outside the function.

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+1 as it's a good point, and the OP doesn't appear to have responded. – halfer Oct 9 '11 at 23:11

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