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Should be super simple for you guys...div one gets clicked, div two appears. What I don't know how to do is make div 2 go away when div one is clicked again.

<img src="/..." width="" height"" onClick="MM_showHideLayers('logo','','show','logoEasterEgg','',show')">

What should I add to this line of code to make the div 'logoEasterEgg' disappear when the image in div 1 is clicked again?

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You could do something similar to what was suggested in response to this question with jQuery.

Basically just have a class for the div which you add and remove based on whether it is already there.

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jQuery has a toggle function $('#div1').toggle( function() { $('#logoEasterEgg').show(); }, function() { $('#logoEasterEgg').hide(); }); – bendewey Dec 21 '08 at 5:33
thanks for this great tip. this will definitely come in handy – YonahW Dec 22 '08 at 15:01

You are going to need to add another function call to hide the other div after the first call to show it.

The onclick attribute would look something like this:


The onclick attribute will allow as much javascript as you like you you can stuff as many functions as you like in there - just don't forget your semicolons.


After reading a bit about MM_showHideLayers I am thinking that you need to change the function to close the div that needs closing. In other words if you want to close logo then make the onclick attribute (notice the hide):


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Instead of using MM_showHideLayers() could you do something like this...?

function toggleDiv(divId)
  var myDiv = document.getElementById(divId);
  if (myDiv) 
    if ( === 'none') 
    { = 'block';
    { = 'none';

<img src="/..." width="" height"" onClick="toggleDiv('logoEasterEgg')">
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