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I need to create a multi-dimensional array which will be passed to a class.

Here is sample code where I can reference the array elements outside of the class, but once I create a class and pass the multi-dimensional array, I'm not able to reference it inside of the class.


My Array Value = 3

Can't use string ("1") as an ARRAY ref while "strict refs" in use at test.pl line 18.

package TestClass;
use strict;

sub new
    my $class = shift;
    my $self =
        _array => shift
    bless $self, $class;   
    return $self;

sub print
    my ($self) = @_;
    print "TestClass variable = " . @{$self->{_array}->[0]}[1] . "\n";

my @my_array = ();
push(@my_array, [1,2]);
push(@my_array, [3,4]);

print "My Array Value = " . @{@my_array->[1]}[0] . "\n";

my $class = new TestClass(@my_array);


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You're passing a list with two elements to your constructor, each element being one of the array refs you built.

I believe you wanted to pass an array reference containing the other two anonymous array references instead:


Your array de-referencing in @{@my_array->[1]}[0] is also a little odd. This is something use warnings; would've caught.

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Agreed. $my_array[1][0] (or $self->{_array}[0][1]) seems easier to read. –  Jim Davis Oct 1 '10 at 15:46
Worked great, thanks! –  Trevor Oct 1 '10 at 15:57

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