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Practically everytime I stage a textfile (that's most of em), I get the message from git gui (I use msysgit) that It replaced (or is about to) line endings with CRLF's. Obviously I want that (and there's a setting for it huraah), but I don't want the annoying message popped up all the time!

Any way to keep the setting, but turn off/disable the popup message?

I have no idea how this works with GIT on the commandline, but I like msysgit's staging process :) so I'd rather not change to bash.

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The command line just prints a message, and that's it.

I don't think that the message box can be disabled, unfortunately...

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Since you are using msysgit, I will assume core.autocrlf is set to tru (the default setting in msysgit installation)

You could try setting core.safecrlf to false, and see if that has any influence on this kind of message.

git config core.safecrlf false

You can also try version a .gitattributes file and set a:

*        eol=crlf

directive to see if that explicit text attribute has any bearing on this warning message.

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Maybe make sure: core.autocrlf=false.

I don't really know msysgit, but after a little searching, I found a couple of related msysgit / threads.
Also see a related SO Q: What's the best CRLF handling strategy with git?.

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One thing you could do, is setting the appropriate setting in the repo-config. The option core.autocrlf will do these things:

  1. All text-files will be stored with LF line-endings.
  2. When reading from disk, CRLF is converted to LF
  3. When writing to disk, LF is converted to CRLF

You can set this option in git-shell

$ cd path/to/repo
$ git config core.autocrlf true

And then, delete any file but the .git folder itself from the repo and run

$ git reset --hard
$ git commit -am "Line endings fixed."

To fix he line endings.

PS: There is a small chance, that binary files are accidentially threated as text files and may be corrupted, then you have to read the manual or just ask here.

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BTW, maybe you set core.autocrlf to some strange value, maybe post your config. –  FUZxxl Oct 1 '10 at 16:41

Simple, use CRLF as line endings in your text editor, and git will have nothing to warn you about. (Execpt maybe once, if the pulled file doesn't have CRLF line endings).

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