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I have an excel sheet which as a lot of fields to enter data in. Let's say the total fields I have is 20. Ten of them are locked by default whenever the user opens the workbook. Now, one of the fields is asking the user to enter a password. If the password was "AAA", then five fields (of the Ten locked ones) will be unlocked and can be eddited. If the user inputs a password as "BBB" , then All the cells of the worksheet will be read-only and locked to prevent editting. I am focusing on the case when the user inputs "BBB". I tried this code but did not work:

if Range("Password").value="BBB" then
end if

it gives me an error as " Overflow" please help.

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1 Answer

If Range("Password").Value = "BBB" Then
   ActiveSheet.UsedRange.Locked = True
End If
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